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Dippers, Drizzlers, Dunkers. It’s no secret that The Stephens Family have always been sticklers for lip-lickingly good grub. From those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments as dinner is called to coming together to create masterpieces in the kitchen, we have long been enthusiasts of anything that sears, steams, or sizzles. Pressing fast forward to 2020, when planet Earth came to a halt, the best of humanity came to the forefront, and people everywhere cooked up a storm, a light-bulb moment went off for Phillip Stephens. With a long-time goal of donning chef’s whites and an arsenal of family recipes in his toolkit, Phillip dusted off the cookbooks, brought the pans out from hibernation, and got to work, bringing his hearty creations to locked down loved ones. A sure-fire win, it was the sauces that were a real showstopper. Brimming with flavour, tang, and a hint of the ‘kick’ that we’re known for, the Darlington Farms ‘Signature’ Sauce was born. An undisputed hit, but to us, it’s about more than creating an explosion of spices (although it is pretty great!). Put simply, we love creating sauces to bring people together, from the “mm! Have you tried this?” bonding moment to getting the party started with a punch-packing splatter in tow. Gluten-free, vegan, and free of artificial flavourings, we’re all about creating memories, one nutritious dip at a time.


We may be biased, but we think Australian farmers are the key to punch-packing produce, which is why we don’t settle for any less! Sticklers for shopping small, we’re all about the details. You bring the meat. We’ll bring the locally sourced heat.

Australian Made Packaging

It’s not just saucy goodness that we obsess over! On a mission to support local jobs and help family businesses grow, it’s no coincidence that we source everything from our backyard; think labels and cartons from Brisbane, glass bottles from NSW and Victoria, and recyclable plastic bottles made just a stone’s throw from our Yatala HQ.


We’ll let you in on a secret… our love of small businesses doesn’t stop at the Darlington Farms door! With every bottle given our signature ‘zing’ on the Gold Coast, each purchase helps keep the kettle bubbling, allowing us to continue supporting the local suppliers at the heart of our brand.


After the final sprinkle, shake, and screw (of the lid!), your bottle will begin its journey from our Yatala HQ. Ensuring safe door-to-plate delivery, you can expect a Darlington Farms team member or Australian postie to make that much-anticipated knock on the door.

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